The goal

   From the surf at Camp Pendleton to the Jacumba hot spring, from the whistling bottle-brush in Anza-Borrego to the Mexican connection at San Ysidro, there is so much to love in San Diego, including some amazingly strong and beautiful, visually communicative artwork. Yowzer!Yowzer! hopes to highlight that visual artwork with some graceful prose, and thus create a mix of word and image that will be enjoyable for our readers. This site is meant as a gateway to the many wonderful and varied art showings around town, which is a vital cause since supporting our artists is one of the elements that keeps San Diego alive and beautiful. We strive to catalogue extraordinary achievement in the visual arts as our way of promoting  and inspiring cool new ideas, by which we mean ideas that benefit humanity and its positive relation to the rest of existence. This is our personal ultimate standard of achievement. 
   We understand that most artwork is made as a wonderful creative release for the artists involved, and that on that level, art is incomparable and every piece is worthy of celebration. On this website, however, we are specifically talking about original art that has a higher quotient of appeal or connection with the viewer at large. We feel justified in determining that higher quotient of appeal because we remain conscious of how the artwork affects us on planes physical, spiritual, and temporal.

The staff 

Arash "Tony" Salimi (Editor-in-chief/ Founder/ Feature Writer)

The name 

   We chose the name "Yowzer! Yowzer!" from an old children's television program in which a circus announcer shouted it as a way to gather an audience for the show that was about to start. The word is sometimes spelled by others as "yowza" or yowsa" and sometimes ending with the letter h. It is believed to be an abberation of the phrase "Yes, sir!", and is better known today as a relation to the exclamation "Wow!", as well as being an ancestor to the exclamations "Yow!" and "Yo!"

The invitation

   Yowzer!Yowzer! is always on the look-out for artwork that uniquely blends technique and subject, and that is also strong in energies that upbuild humanity. So, please send an email to let us know about the art you see. Please include images to be considered, or a link to a website with the images, and contact information. Also, if you have any other good ideas, don't hesitate to email us. The goal is for this to be a forum that you love coming back to and wandering through all over again, so feel free to step in and help shape it.