19 July 2012

July Update: 8 Artists

   Comic-Con is over, but summer still has a ways to go. Let's check in with some of our favorite artists to see what they're cooking as the San Diego heat stokes up.
   As always, click each of the artist headings to see their first feature with us, and search their name in the Search Box to the left to find follow-up articles.

Little Red Riding Hood tattoo (March 2012)

Healing Powers Wizard
(drawing, May 2012)
Don't Fear the Reaper (June 2012)

Cat God, Don't Trip (July 2012)

   Surge has been cranking out some meanness. Whether he's inking tats at 7 Seas, sprucing up friends' rides, or drawing at home, Surge's work has been showing its dark side lately. But, somehow, it's a welcoming darkside. It's a meanness that makes you smile.

Diosa del circo (mixed media, July 2012)

Magic (mixed media, July 2012)

   Lupita Shahbazi has been in a magical mood as of late. The mixed media pieces she's just finished give the feeling that a live show is in progress. The colors are sweet and welcoming, even as the drapes, fans, masks and costumes compound the effect with mystery and the suggestion of hidden layers.

Happy Sketch (2012)

February 5, 2012 / Auntie
(Oil on canvas)
February 5, 2012
(oil on canvas)

The Witch
(January 3, 2012 - oil on canvas)

Portrait (July 2012)
Another Portrait (July 2012)

   Anna Zappoli has been in a portrait frame-of-mind: shifty eyes, suspicion, scoping out one's surroundings, thoughtfulness. Through the rough strokes, and blurred patches, there is a reality rich and a person unique. The mermaid at the top is about personal joy. Zappoli says: "Even if I give them names, they are more than just portraits, they are about my life with every wrinkle that I find."

July 2012

July 2012

   Greg Bada, meanwhile, has been up in the air. Flight, and specifically floating, may be one of his favorite themes, and this time it gets across the feeling of souls in transit, the transportation of souls. The poetic imagination hits just the right note to awaken a broad sense of adventure. These are some clean intaglio prints, with quite a bit of open space included, which isolates the central images and broadens their universe.

Watercolor June 2012
June 2012

Exorcising or Exercising the Piñata Demons
(Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor, Gold Ink-July 9, 2012)

Incandescent Eyelids
(Ballpoint Pen, Watercolor, Gold Ink, Walnut Ink Stain-July7, 2012)

   Katherine Brannock has been in a mode of making things that look like they might be related to mandalas. She has been continuing her mentorship at Guru Tattoo, and continues to show around the state, her poetry, meanwhile, remains strong. The pieces above remind us of talismans that promote and protect personal fortitude and inner beauty. The text, meanwhile, embodies a spiritual yearning. The text in the piece at the top right says: "if only Breach were a lovely tree, Then her spirit could roam free...". The text of the piece in the center says: "Once upon a time, the invisible gods of Tijuana walked among us in our stolen city..."

The City
(charcoal on paper, June 2012)

   This one needs no words, not that the others do. It's just so intimate, but also with a strain of sweet eeriness.

(charcoal on paper, June 2012)

   This is Christopher Canole's third exploration of Einstein, the first being his beloved 1980 drawing. In preparation for this time, Canole read several of Einstein's books and papers, as well as the book Einstein's Dreams. He looked at various photos of Einstein, including one of Einstein's actual brain. The pattern of gray matter you see above is how the real thing actually looks. Lovely touch how it blends in with the wrinkles! 
   Allegedly, this piece includes some fun clues into Einstein's work interwoven into it. Canole's next piece is already in progress and is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie Lawrence of Arabia.
   As for the recent Olympic competition that he participated in, they didn't end up picking him as the winner, but they did decide on including any and all Canole portraits of Olympians into the Olympics Museum. Way to go, Chris! 

An Unnatural Modesty
(July 14 2012)
Gettin Bustled
(July 16 2012)

The Lost Coast
(July 10 2012)
World Traveller Brittina Rose Gates disembarks
a float plane at Roche Harbor,
San Juan Island, Washington
(June 30 2012)

   And certainly not least, is Raymond Elstad, who has just posted some pics from his summer road trip, which apparently proved fruitful for the photographer in him. Each of the photos above pops fully with harmonious detail. It's interesting how the pic at the top left, comically suggests a comparison between statue and the cyclist, while the piece to its right simultaneously brings out the statuesque and the dancer in the lovely bride. The shot under the airplane wing, meanwhile, is completely breathtaking, with its muted perfect colors, the somewhat fisheye angle, and the world-traveller subject in action, paused for a moment, but pushing forward almost as if she were in slow-motion. We feel the wind from the swayed scarf and rippling water, and we yearn to see what this bold young woman sees.

[That's it for this time. We hope you got something good out of the pieces above. And don't forget to hit up the artists if you're interested in purchasing and supporting local art. Blessings until next time!]


  1. WoWzA YoWzEr! Would you write for me? O... wait... you just did :=} Thanks for checking in on my summer fun! Raymond Elstad

  2. No problem, Raymond. I can honestly say that your pics inspired me to kick my own summer fun up a notch. Thanks!