11 June 2012

June Update: 7 Artists

   San Diego never fails to impress and inspire. Here's our update report for this month, with news on seven of the thirty-one artists whose work we've featured so far. Click on the artist heading to view their introductory article. Search their names in the search box to the left for later mentions of them and their work. We hope it helps you bring in the summer season with a great frame of mind!

Beer Poster (2012)

Bleeding Gold poster (2012)

   Kaizen Collective's Lisa A. Starace found two retro beer cans and traced them by hand for one of their newest silkscreening projects (above, left). Kaizen's other new print is a commision by their long-time fans at Bleeding Gold Records. It features all the bands currently on the recording company's roster. Both projects show that the graphic design aspect of Kaizen Collective's work is still strong in communicating clearly and that their silkscreening abilities are able to make prints as delicious to look at as ever.

The Burnouts
(spray paint on paper, 2012)
Burnout Halo (2012)

Old Man in a Boat
(acrylic and gouache on wood, 2012)

   The first two images above represent Mike Maxwell's latest painting style. Using spray paint, Maxwell was determined to implement more spontaneous, abstract ideas to his work. Burnout Halo (above right) comes across as a perfect blend of that new approach and his knack for creating faces that represent eternity and all-seeing wisdom. The bottom image is of a recent Maxwell commission which puts us right in the boat with one of his great characters. There aren't too many of his trademark drips, but in their place we are enjoying the scratches which give the piece a wonderful dated feeling that goes quite nicely with its surreal vibe.

Spring's Signal
(2012, ballpoint pen, shellac ink, walnut ink
stain, gold ink and pencil)
Proud Princess (2012)

   Katherine Brannock has been busy with her trade apprenticeship at Guru Tattoo Gallery, which we think is a great use for her unique and imaginative visuals. Brannock has also been continuing her poetic fine art for back-to-back shows, of which the two pieces shown here are fine examples.

Surge Tattoo (2012)
Poochie on a Flying Carpet mural (2012)

Slow Down, Man (2012)

   Speaking of tats, here's a recent one by the master. We don't often feature skin art, but clearly this one is overwhelmingly great and deserves a place with all the other kinds of art. The pic to the right of that is of a juicy mural that Hernandez recently did at his kids' school. The painting below those shows that the magic continues to flow into Surge's fine art projects as well. Delightful, funny, beautiful....perfect!

(2012, oil on linen)

   In Tracks (2012, above), Aron Wiesenfeld has found another great scene to express his outsider-realism. But this time he seems to have added a riddle: Is it the tracks that are out of place or is it the canine? Or has the environment bested both of them? Whatever way you think about it, the mood is a deeply lost and cold one.

Barrio Logan
(Spray Paint & Acrylic, 2012)
(Mixed Media on Canvas, 2012)
Vacuum Salesman
(Wood Stain on Cardboard Laminate, 2012)

   Brandon Roth has completed his 30 Paintings in 30 Days project, and is planning a show for next month to display the results. Above are the paintings for three paintings towards the end of that project. At about Day 25, Roth seemed to have reached a creative peak, finding that documenting street vistas and adding touches of graffiti is a road that holds much promise for him. Possibly we will see more along this beautiful line of thought in the near future. Just a couple days later after his breakthrough with the Barrio Logan tryptch, Roth made two highly expressive portraits. About Torment which he made on Day 28, Roth said: "This captures the torment that I was feeling at one point during this process. Seriously. I struggled on this piece for so damn long, and I think I had a knot in my stomach through half of it…good to get something I like out of it, Because that shit got hairy for a long minute. The colors ended up pretty subtle, but the emotion is deep…at least for me." The painting from Day 29 was painted by finger, but still carries a wonderful elegance.

Native inspiration (1992)

Native inspiration (1992)
The World in my Hands
(Oil on Canvas, 1997)

(Oil on Canvas, 2012)

   Anna Zappoli has been dusting out some older paintings to share with us. The three above share a common theme of human fellowship and co-existence with nature. Their paint application on the other hand is all pretty disparate and boasts the wide-range of techniques in Zappoli's painterly arsenal. Sibyl (2012, the piece to the right) was painted this year and is currently on view at San Diego Art Institute, or at least it was there on Friday. At any rate, we love her every thoughtful and joyous brush-stroke.

   And that wraps it up for this report. Hopefully, we'll see you in six days with a full feature on a single artist. And remember: you don't have to be a visual artist to live artfully, but it sure can help!

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