07 March 2012

Update Report: 13 Artists

Untitled (2011)
This is our first update report, with news on thirteen of the twenty-one artists whose work we've featured so far. Click on the name of the artist to view their introductory feature. 

Alejandro Chernovetzky has completed at least five new paintings since our article on him, including Untitled (2011), the piece to the right. Sweet and vulnerable, while also deep, poignant and real, this piece is one of the first since the artist's successful abstract series. It demonstrates what attracted us to Chernovetzky's work from the beginning: the uncanny ability to create work that is genuine, emotional, and visually alluring. Rather than to seek rest or an outlet for grief in-doors and bundled up in clothes or under the covers, the character finds his or her refuge in the open air and in nakedness. There's a nice play between 2-dimensionality and 3-dimensionality that deepens the canvas marvellously. Chernovetzky told us about his new slower painting process which he is trying out on a series of nudes with flowers, as well as a new piece depicting boats at a dock. Good days are ahead.

Meanwhile, Joshua Krause has been tirelessly putting on art-show benefits to put together the necessary funds to take the kids he teaches on an exciting art-romp through Europe. 

With full force, Bryant W. has been developing his Skate Goons line, creating a big street-art campaign in Venice Beach, California.

Lupita Shahbazi is progressing with her Hollywood horror series which she is planning to unveil at a show in May.

from Art Basel 2011
Sergio "Surge" Hernandez may just be the hardest working person in San Diego and the art world. Since we last spoke with him, Hernandez has been glorifying people's skin with his phat tattoo work, treating us to a few tags around town, having a good time at Art Basel 2011, getting his brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and releasing a new rap record.
Surge tag (2012)

Surge tag (2012)

Han Lands (2011)
Hugo Navarro has created at least five new paintings, two of which are represented here. He is also hard at work on a new collaborative project which aims to combine his inventive imagery with concrete.

The e Factor (2011)

Nothing But a Trend (2012)
Jordan Josafat made a piece for Thumbprint's "Works of Wisdom" exhibition. Centered around this quote by Jack Kerouac, "Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion", the piece is a little affronting at first, even though it is beautiful. After the ego is sufficiently put in its place, though, the piece begins to morph into a glorious challenge for the viewer.

Anna Guillotte has been working relentlessly to find her own answers about balance: balance when it comes to digital effects, balance when it comes to providing images for another person's story, and balance when it comes to her own writing craft. As epic as these questions must be for the artist, from the outside, as fans, we're already confident of a victorious outcome. So, it was no surprise when Guillotte announced that her first illustration had been published. We loved it so much we included it in our Valentine's Day special. Guillotte's new project involves developing a story around two of her characters. We can hardly wait to see what you come up with, Anna! 

Christopher Konecki has been cranking out pieces for back-to-back shows all over town. He currently has one running, and another on the tenth of this month, so you might want to check the Events page for details.

Anna Zappoli Jenkins is wrapping up a show at L Street Fine Art Gallery, so you might want to check the Events page before it's too late. 

Je Te Prends poster (2012)

Kaizen Collective has created another kick-ass poster for another awesome record. There's something perfect about the imperfect lettering. The French song and the 1956 French movie Le ballon rouge (The Red Balloon) inspired this silkscreen image.

Kelly Vivanco has had a couple shows this year. One featuring several of her rad animals, and the Thumbprint show, for which she unveiled Changing Winds, shown below. You can almost feel the wind lifting you up.

Changing Winds (2012)

Composing Shadows (in progress)
Katherine Brannock has a couple shows going on, but at the moment they're out of town. If you happen to be in the Culver City or San Francisco area, you might want to check the Events page. One of the pieces she'll be showing is the phenomenal "Composing Shadows". Even from its early stages, it was clear that this was going to be a nice progression from the pieces which she has shown in the last two months. The finished product hypnotizes with its melodious ceremony, while still retaining the piercing poetry we've come to love. 
Composing Shadows (2012)
   We're wide-eyed and shaking giddy about what might come next. Not only from Brannock, but from all of our dear artists.

[We'll see you in six days with another artist we think you'll get a kick out of, if you haven't already been introduced. In the meantime, "like" our Facebook page for advance notices, extra images, and news. Blessings, SD and world!]

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