08 November 2011

Beyond Alpha Omega: Joshua Krause

"I Can Feel the City Breathing...." (2011)
     We are a species saturated with words. From emails to traffic signs to food labels, words are so prevalent in our lives that when an artist comes along, who can give our eyes and minds some much needed space, away from words and word-making, to a different type of communicative plane, maybe even a deeper and certainly a more intuitive one, it's an exciting thing indeed.
     Joshua Krause brings us honor as our second featured artist because of his innovative achievements in communication. By combining different media, like paint, carpentry, found objects, and digital art, Krause is making work that breathes and moves like a gust of fresh air. The different patterns and textures of his works encourage our minds to remain active and search for the spirit that unifies the piece into a distinct whole. The unifying spirits I found in his pieces were ones of movement, change, wonderment and peace. 
     One of the stylistic choices Krause has made is that of working on horizontally-wide canvases. The choice in canvas size and shape provide a promising backdrop for his ideas, that gives them a feel reminiscent of scrolls spread out for us to read. But these are scrolls that encourage us to read in a new way, free of the miscommunications common to our everyday verbal language. In his work Beyond Alpha Omega, for instance, our eyes follow the lines that persist across the length of the work through the transforming colors and patterns, until by the time we've reached the other edge of the canvas, we have the sense that we've endured a life-changing journey.

Beyond Alpha Omega (2008)

     About Beyond Alpha Omega, the piece directly above, Krause says: "The ideas in that were about the beginning and end of time, of life and death, and somewhat a critique of the Judeo-Christian paradigm of time. But it was also just a snappy title."

Delusions (2008)

    One of the highlights of the piece above, titled Delusions,  are the swirls along the bottom, like flames or musical notes. Beyond synaesthesia, the work is a visual symphony, endlessly fascinating no matter where you enter it.
    But Krause is already moving on to other works and a wholly different outlook: "I've been experimenting with, not only new ideas and new materials, but a new approach and discipline to making my work...."
      We wish him continued success and joy, and of course we are already looking forward to seeing the changes Krause's work goes through over time.

[For more on Joshua Krause and his work, feel free to visit krauseart.com.]

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